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Trying Android

Posted by Admin Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pic by N8. It already hates taking pics of my Omnia 7, now another Sammy in the house. Hmmm...
Android is the mobile OS I have least experience with. To improve my understanding of the shape of mobile OSes, I’ve got an Android handset for the next two weeks or so from the UK mobile network @ThreeUK to see what the fuss is about. What is this Android that is eating Symbian sales? What is this Android that could have been Nokia’s primary OS? And finally what Android platform doesn’t do as well as Nokia offerings (general comparisons), and what Android does that we (Nokia/Symbian/MeeGo) could learn from.
The handset picked is the cream of the crop of Android handsets. It’s only fair that I try Android on what is reported by many to be the best Android phone to date, and what, unfortunately, the handset which some Nokia fans here have ditched Symbian for.
It’s the Samsung Galaxy S2 (Oh noes, I have two Samsung phones now. I can has Eldar Award? :p).

This handset comes with it’s own ThreeUK SIM with all you can eat data, so I can test out N8, my WP phone and the SGS2 together. I’ll post my findings in the next two weeks.

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