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NVIDIA Tegra Zone Launched

Posted by Admin Saturday, December 3, 2011

If you're using an Android device with a Tegra 2 chip providing muscle, you'll naturally want to put all that processing power to good use by running apps that make full use of it.  And you'll be able to find them easily with the NVIDIA Tegra Zone, a free Android app that curates and highlights applications that are optimized to perform at a high level with your dual-core chipset.

After MWC 2011, it's well established that NVIDIA's system on a chip will act as the main guts for a whole host of tablets and smartphones due this year.  With the Android Market barely being a functional resource for finding good apps, this handpicked  compendium could prove to be an indispensable tool for the mass of users bound to embrace those new power-packed products.
The NVIDIA Tegra Zone is, essentially, a magazine app with content focused solely on Tegra-optimized titles (you know, those with refined geometric detail, heavy computation loads and higher-res textures).  Games are, naturally, the primary focus,  with extra content comprised of professionally-written reviews, screenshots and videos (trailers, gameplay samples and featurettes).  All sales and delivery, however, will still go through the Android Market.
At launch, titles highlighted will include Dungeon Defenders: First Wave Deluxe HD (the first Android game built on the Unreal Engine 3), Samurai II: Vengeance, Galaxy on Fire 2 THD and several other games that have been specifically tooled to take advantage of Tegra 2's power.  The app is now available for download from the Android Market.

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