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Nokia 808 PureView Specs Review

Posted by Admin Tuesday, March 6, 2012 Nokia 808 PureView is among the smartphones that generated a lot of buzz during MWC 2012, and is still heavily discussed in the blogosphere. And rightfully so, as it packs the biggest and baddest camera sensor that has ever found itself inside of a smartphone so far – 41 megapixels, 1/1.2” in size. But camera aside, is there anything else that can make it stand out?
Well, we cannot get our hands on a retail unit just yet, but until then, let us take a look at whatever Nokia 808 PureView specs we have and see what conclusions we can arrive at.


The obvious drawback to having an enormous camera in a smartphone is that it physically takes up quite a lot of space. That is why the Nokia 808 PureView is pretty bulky by today's standards with a thickness of 14 millimeters. So yeah, sexy is far from the first terms one would use to describe the device. Also, it is definitely among the heaviest of smartphones as it tips the scale at 169 grams. And with that kind of weight, you will definitely be able to feel the 808 PureView in your pocket. Last but not least, its design is okay, yet surprisingly, the smartphone does not feel as that premium of a device as the Nokia N8, as it became evident from our Nokia 808 PureView hands-on review.


With its 4 inches of display real estate, the Nokia 808 PureView hits the sweet spot for many smartphone users. It is neither too big, nor too little, and it is very usable with a single hand. The combination of AMOLED and ClearBlack screen technologies ensures that the display delivers rich colors and deep blacks even when used outdoors on a bright, sunny day. And to make things even better, the display's surface is protected by Gorilla Glass, meaning that it is well armored against every day wear and tear. However, there is something that we cannot overlook, namely that the display on the Nokia 808 PureView has a relatively low for its size resolution of 360 by 640 pixels, which translates into a usable, but unimpressive pixel density of 184 pixels per inch.

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